Have you ever think about living without computer and internet? Can you survive a day without them? I mean without surfing, blogging and fb? Well, honestly, I can’t. I can’t live without computer and internet especially when it comes to my work. If the internet is down, my whole work will be jam. My work depends so much on the good connection of internet besides a good computer. I can live without checking FB and blogs, but not surfing. Hahahaha….yes, I surf a lot. I surf for my kids games, crafts, activities for my kids etc etc.
The same goes to my children and hubby. They are so use to computer and internet that when our desktop refuse to start a few days ago, the kids keep on complaining when can papa fix the computer because they wanted to play games online. Sigh. Too much games eh? Hmmn that’s the only thing that can make them sit still while I do my housework. So papa, please remember to get the hp batteries change ok…the kids are killing me :D